Grow, Cure, Flavour, Finish, Tobacco for Cigarettes

UPDATE 29th January 2015.


Regular readers might wonder why I have entitled this post thus. But first let me say that I wanted to leave the previous post up at the front for a few days. mikef317 posted a couple of comments with links to ‘Tobacco Documents’ which a court in Tennessee, as demanded by ASH ET AL, insisted upon being revealed to the world. It just so happens that many of these documents reveal that Tobacco Companies were fully co-operative with the Authorities in trying to find out what, if anything, caused the association of lung cancer with smoking. I don’t know about the marketing, but we must remember that many of these documents refer to an era when marketing of tobacco products was a free-for-all with no holds bared between tobacco companies. Of course, tobacco companies wanted new customers – they were commercial companies. The Holy Zealots of Tobacco Control twist and turn these documents to suit their own ends, stating that tobacco companies knew how harmful smoking was, but did everything in their power to ‘hook’ young people anyway. TobCoN’s problem, however, is that, to this day, nobody can prove (as revealed in the McTear court case (see sidebar), that tobacco smoking is indeed the cause of these so-called ‘tobacco related’ diseases.

Anyway…back to the title of this post.

I have noticed a big increase in the last month or so in people interested in my article entitled “Growing, Curing, Flavouring and Finishing Tobacco for Cigarettes”. This is very gratifying, but I wondered why that has been so. I have amused myself by trying to track views and traffic via my stats.

Nothing is very clear, but a certain event occurred which might have contributed.

By the merest chance, I visited the site of ‘How to Grow Tobacco’ ( of which I recently became a member when I was looking for tobacco plant seedlings after my disaster. By the merest chance, someone on a forum there had just posted a query about my above article, in particular about curing tobacco in four days. This event may have triggered an interest in the article sufficient to push the post higher into google ratings. That means that anyone who googles ‘curing tobacco’ is more likely to see the article and click on it, which again pushes the article further up the ratings. This is most curious!

I decided to have a bit of fun, and so I copied some of the ‘search terms’ into google search, and, guess what?, there was my article right near the top of the ‘web search’ results! Becoming even more curious, I copied a ‘search term’ “Cabbage in bolton factory” into google search and, guess what?, there was my article as the topmost web page! The only reason that I can see for that situation was that I happened to mention in that post that the carboniferous nature of the land hereabouts is good for growing cabbages! (And, of course, that nobody is interested in cabbages in Bolton) How amusing!

Here is a copy of the ‘search engine terms’ which led pretty directly to my article and incidentally pushed it further up the google ratings:

how to cure tobacco for cigarettes
how do i keep slugs ogg my tobacco plants
soaking tobacco leaves in water for fermenting
bolton smokers club
yougov do i have to answer all surveys
why does my tobacco taste like leaves
how is cigarette tobacco cured
growing tobacco uk
cabbage in bolton factory

(I’m not sure about the ‘you gov…..’ one!)

Now…… Here is an interesting thing. When I googled just ‘grow tobacco’, my article did not figure at all. For nine pages of references, it did not show. but when I googled ‘growing tobacco’, there was my article, right near the top! On the other hand, the words ‘cure tobacco’ and ‘curING  tobacco’ both brought up my article within the first ten entries, which suggests that the words ‘grow tobacco’ are particularly sensitive to Tobacco Control propaganda and commercial adverts, while the words ‘growING tobacco’ are not so sensitive.

Perhaps now readers can see the purpose of the title of this post. If, as I surmise, Google search ratings depend to some extent upon the exact wording of the title of posts, then I shall be interested to see in the next few days whether or not the title of this post pushes this post high into the google ratings when I google ‘grow tobacco’. Is this not fun?

Of course, I have an ulterior motive. Gratified though I am about the interest in my article, I want people to read the stuff I write about the smoking ban and the lies and propaganda of ASH ET AL. I also want them to look at the other blogs in my blogroll (which I very much need to re-assess and expand). When people click on “Growing, Curing….etc”, they are led directly to the article. I have put in place a link in that article to the BSC home page. Hopefully, people directed to that article will look further than just their interest in growing tobacco plants.

Sometimes, I get a bit fed up, which is natural, I suppose. But then I remind myself of why I must continue to fight. It is this:

I OBJECT to being accused of harming people when I smoke in their presence. I OBJECT to being accused of killing babies.


6 Responses to “Grow, Cure, Flavour, Finish, Tobacco for Cigarettes”

  1. harleyrider1978 Says:

    Watch out for Black Helicopters Cousin,Ive heard they spray PARAQUAT on Tobacco now!

    • Junican Says:

      Surely not, cous! Think of the environment. Oh….just a minute…..that’s a different department of propaganda, isn’t it? Oh My God! …….Hang on….somebody at the door…….

  2. Tom Says:

    If Google is picking up on the title and using that in its search results, then theoretically, one could make up a special little blog page article with a big long title including every word imagineable that might drive Google viewers to the site, and then for that article, it could have a short general explanation on the purpose of the blog and offering a welcome, along with some links to other blogs and articles within the blog, to the main page, etc., embedded with-in that sole lone stand-alone article – that is meant of course, because its title, only to be captured by Google search and put it to the first page of the search results, thus capturing readers’ attention. But that’s what it sounds like you are saying, in theory at least, is possible.

    • Junican Says:

      That would seem to be the case, wouldn’t it? It is all very confusing. For example, I have just tried googling ‘grow tobacco’ again and the article did not figure. I tried ‘growING tobacco’ again and the article did not appear (although I’m sure it did late last night!). But when I googled ‘growing tobacco uk’ (which was one of the search terms that I have listed), the article appeared on the first page, but note that google picked out the word ‘England’ as part of its search, presumably taking England instead of UK. The words ‘cure tobacco’ and ‘curing tobacco’ brought the article up on the first page.

      Right. I have just googled ‘grow,cure, flavour tobacco’, and there, sitting right at the top of the websearch was “Growing, Curing, etc”!
      It really is remarkable. But note that today’s article (Grow, cure etc) only appeared on the second page. When I googled the full ‘grow, cure, flavour, finish tobacco’, up popped “Growing, Curing, etc” as the first item to be immediately followed by “Grow, Cure, Flavour, Finish tobacco”.article.

      I can’t help but feel that the google ‘algorithm’ is more complicated than what I have suggested. There may be elements of ‘latest view/views’ and ‘number of times the words appear in the article’, and possibly others, with some sort of weighting.

      All very odd, though, don’t you think?

      • Tom Says:

        I will try googling from CA, USA, and see what the results are for you.

        For “growing tobacco UK” – no, your site is not on the first page. Instead, I get: › … › Growing Your Tobacco Plants
        Then some YouTube videos and a few others.

        I will try “growing tobacco” – no, it does not come up. What does from the top down is:
        Tobacco Growing and Curing at › Explore › Education and Science › Tobacco Growing Info
        Then it goes onto sites like WHO citing it in horrible terms and others making a big fuss out of it.

        I will try the exact title “Grow, Cure, Flavour, Finish tobacco”
        And yes – Bolton Smoker Club is at the top of the list, first three results before going on with seed sellers and websites like the results above.

        So I guess if it’s partitioned regionally then, the “uk” addendum isn’t causing it to come up here, only the full title is.

        Maybe a page full of the word “tobacco” 1000 times in it would trigger it worldwide to come up, don’t know how it works, but results wise from a different geographic location, that is what I am currently seeing – just FYI in case you are trying to gauge search engine results.

        I am unfortunately stuck with slow-speed dial-up today or else I’d have tried extending it further into Yahoo, Bing, Dogpile and others as well, since they might yield different results.

  3. Junican Says:

    I am sure that you are right, Tom – part of the algorithm.

    Hey! No need to go to any trouble! I was just curious and amusing myself.

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