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Still hospital visiting and need to be up early tomorrow.

I have left The Constituency List up for a couple of days. I am still hoping for more names (or nicknames) and constituencies. I have asked certain people to publicise it. All rather boring, I’m afraid. Anyone interested in being part of the Constituency Smokers Group should merely comment on this and leave a message giving me a name and their constituency. The significance is the potential for collaboration, but I am not thinking about anything onerous – just a possible emails suggesting good points to raise with your MP by writing a letter occasionally. Better to have ten persons writing to ten MPs than ten persons writing to one MP. Of course, it would be even better if ten persons wrote to each of ten MPs! It surprises me that it has not been done before. FOREST, for example, could have done it years and years ago.


I have maybe 100 little tobacco plant seedings. They are being very slow to grow.  I thought that they may need more light, and so I put them on the kitchen window sill. That does not seem to have had much effect. I am now beginning to think that they are not being kept warm enough, and so I have put the bowls holding the pots onto makeshift shelves over the radiators overnight and then putting them on the window sills during the day. They will have a couple of weeks before the central heating is turned off for the summer (if any). I have little doubt that I shall get a good crop this year regardless, but I am still experimenting somewhat. Is heat during the cold months more important for the seedlings growth than light? I am beginning to think that gentle warmth will do more good in these cold days than light. Of course, the heat will tend to dry the pots out, and so watering will be important.

We shall see how the experiment works out and I shall report accordingly.

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  1. Rose Says:

    How small is “little”, Junican?

    Being at roughly the same latitude and sowing mine in mid January, they are now in 2½” pots with relatively thick stems 1½” to the bottom of the growing tip and the lower leaves are 5″ long.

    Have you pricked out the seedlings into individual pots yet, I do mine at the two leaf stage when they barely big enough to handle, very fiddly but it does seem to benefit them.

    As mine are on a South facing windowsill, behind double glazing, but with no central heating, I’d say that space and light rather than heat might be the problem.

    Then again my plants are the descendants of a packet of seeds I bought in 2005 and might have got used to the North.

    However, the pot of Havana I only potted up a few seedlings from, is still doing fine now it’s out in the unheated greenhouse, but still bunched together they are very small compared to the ones I potted individually and kept inside.

    • junican Says:

      Half a flippin’ inch, Rose! That despite germinating about six weeks ago. I sowed the seeds straight into fibre pots and they germinated perfectly.

      About four weeks ago, I decided that they needed as much sun as possible, and so I put them on the kitchen windowsill. But that windowsill is tiled and rather cold. I suspect that the the plants are just not getting enough warmth since the compost feels very chilly. As I said, I have now rigged up some makeshift shelves temporarily over the radiators and placed the plants there overnight to take advantage of the central heating. Because none of the plants are ‘flourishing’, the problem must be generic, and lack of heat is the only thing that I can think of.

      I might try coffinails forums and see if anything has been said about the problem.

      I think that I have bodged, but I do not think that the situation is irretrievable. We have had some really cold weather in the past week, and I am glad that I they were not ready to plant out.

      I have read about the acclimatisation of plants and their seeds. That may well be a factor.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    Wow, that is a lot of plants that are going to be rather large, tho very pretty.

    Where are you going to put them?

    • junican Says:

      I expect to have room for about 60 plants. I have quite a big back garden and I have prepared two sizeable plots.

      • Rose Says:

        What compost are you using, Junican?

        I use John Innes No3 loam based compost right from the start because it retains water so well.
        Only a hunch, but might the fibre pots be allowing too much evaporation?

        Maybe a quick repot in new compost might get them moving again.
        Stranger things have happened, I had to replant 120 mesembryathemums seedlings that had got stuck the other year.

      • junican Says:

        The compost is Levington ‘seed and cutting’ compost. I bought it from B & Q or wherever. It claims to have the perfect balance of nutrients etc. I have no reason to disbelieve that. I doubt that the compost is ‘faulty’ or unsuitable.

        The interesting thing about the fibre pots is that they leak through their sides. That is why I surrounded the pots with sand – to absorb and retain the moisture.

        The more I think about the problem, the more convinced I become that temperature is the key.

        But see my latest post.

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