The Constituency Smokers Group

A few days ago, I introduced the idea of a Constituency Smokers Group. The idea was (and is) to create a list of people and their constituencies with a view to having at least one ‘representative’ in every constituency in the land. More than one is even better. I ‘volunteered’ to create and maintain the list and thus the ‘members of the group’. But the whole idea is of a loose association. Members do only what they want to do but can, if they wish, use ‘forms of words’ which may be suggested for letters to MPs. Important ideas might come to the fore and be worth pursuing. For example, how many people know that the idea of ‘standardised packaging’  is for the Holy Zealot of Tobacco Control to get their hands on the size and shape of cigarette packets? It has nothing to do with children. How many people know that ASH WAS THRASHED in the McTear Case? The Judge in the case threw out every ASH assertion. ASH could not prove, even only on the balance of probabilities,  that smoking causes lung cancer. They could not produce evidence. All they could produce was propaganda. It would not be much use for one MP to know about this case, but if every MP knew, then it could make a difference.

I ask only that people give me a nickname (avatar, or whatever it is called) and their constituency. EG. “XXX constituency: FreddieB”. I shall maintain an email list totally separately and issue ‘newsletters’ from time to time, perhaps suggesting a letter and a sensible form of words which people can use if they wish to. There is no need for a person to state publicly his email address – I shall pick them up separately from the ‘comment notification’ which I receive from WordPress which is not published. I shall guard that list jealously.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Whatever post I publish, just add a comment: “XXX constituency: FreddieB”. That is all I need. Here is the list so far:

Batley and Spen Lysistra
BoltonSouth East Junican 
Broxtowe ptbarnumth2nd
EdinburghNorth andLeith Belinda
Lincoln Pat Nurse
Sefton Central beobrigitte
Wythenshawe andSaleEast Timbone
Houghton andSunderlandSouth Dave Copeland
Rayleigh and Wickford bjo12
Erith and Thamesmead Jocelyn
Keighley George Speller

As you can see, some people give their full names, others give a nickname. That is entirely up to you. I am ‘Junican’, but I do not mind in the least that people should know that my real name is James Watson. I just like the nickname ‘Junican’.

F2C (Freedom to Choose) is going to publish a little article from me. This what I have written for them (although it might yet be edited):

Members of F2C.
I strongly believe that it would be in our interests to form a group of constituents in such a way that we have at least one ‘representative’ in every constituency in the land.  The more the better, of course, but at least one per constituency. We could call the group ‘The Smokers Constituency Group’ (if it needs a name at all).
It is not the intention that there should be onerous ‘duties’. Not at all. Given that there might be some important point about legislation or whatever, which your MP should be aware of, my intention would be simply to circulate an email making a suggestion that members of the group might like to write the their MP and let them know. I might even suggest a ‘form of words’, but each person is entirely free to do and say what they wish.
All I need is your nickname (avatar, or whatever it is called) and your constituency in the UK. I shall keep a completely separate list of email addresses associated with the nicknames. There is nothing to be afraid as regards this list since the email address of everyone who comments on any post I publish is supplied to me. It is not unusual. All blogs are the same in that respect. The list will, of course, be entirely private and jealously guarded.
The way to add your name to the list is extremely simple – whatever the subject of any post I publish, just leave a comment saying, “XXX constituency: FreddieB (or whatever)”.
Over time, the list will grow, which will be the start of a substantial, national, constituency-linked organisation.
James Watson (Junican) : The Bolton Smokers Club:

Let’s give it a go. The worst that can happen is that it will turn out to be useless, but it is worth a try. Any individual who wishes to withdraw from the group can do so very easily. Just tell me or block the emails! Give the idea a chance!

22 Responses to “The Constituency Smokers Group”

  1. beobrigitte Says:

    I strongly believe that it would be in our interests to form a group of constituents in such a way that we have at least one ’representative’ in every constituency in the land.

    This, to me, makes sense.

    How many people know that ASH WAS THRASHED in the McTear Case?

    Was this in the late 1990s and the youtube video keeps disappearing and reappearing? The title of the video was (is) (Tr)ASH.
    It cannot be uploaded enough!!!

    • junican Says:

      A video, beo? I wonder what it shows. Tomorrow, I will see if I can find it.

      The case started in the 1990s, but the Judgement was only given in 2005. ASH WAS THRASHED. They could prove none of their allegations, even merely on the balance of probabilities.

      A summary of the case is in my sidebar. The summary is quite long at sixty pages, but the original was 600 pages!

      Read it and be astonished.

      • beobrigitte Says:

        Right now the video appears to have been culled – yet again. It will re-appear; it always does.

      • junican Says:

        I tried to find the video, but I couldn’t, Beo. Can you be more specific about the title?

        If it appears again, please let me know. You can paste the URL into any comment on any post.

      • beobrigitte Says:

        found it – eventually. I was wrong, it is not about the McTear case.

        This David Simpson – then Director of ASH appears not the healthiest lucking chap. Nevertheless, his grovelling is priceless.

      • beobrigitte Says:

        Sorry – I meant “looking”…

  2. George Speller Says:

    I added my name, but it didn’t appear: George Speller, Keighley.

    • junican Says:

      Drat! I was having trouble with the list. I was trying to keep the list in alphabetical order of constituency. Every time I tried to insert a name, the machine deleted the next one.

      For the time being, I am adding names to the bottom. I’ll have to sort the list out properly later.

      Update: Name added.

  3. Frank J Says:

    I’ve already forwarded the McTear case to my MP – Ealing North (S. Pound) and still await a reply. I also sent it to a neighbouring constituency, Ealing Southall, and received a reply saying he did not intend any further voting on the issue without ‘consulting’ his constituents, whatever that means. I’ve no problem with a regional bombardment, at all, to make sure as many as possible of the idiots are hit.

    Frank Jones (Frank J) Ealing North. (ex Wythenshawe, in days of Alf Morris) and ex Altrincham and Sale (in days of Anthony Barber).

    • junican Says:

      Slotted in.

      Well done re the McTear case.

      Facts, as well as opinions, are important. I intend to make my view known about standardised packaging direct, of course, but I also intend to write to my MP about it. The sheer crudity of the proposed measure needs to be pointed out. I shall also make use of the McTear case to focus my MP’s attention that ASH ET AL were unable to prove even active smoking is harmful, never mind SHS, not even on the balance of probabilities.

  4. Frank J Says:

    I think a nice little package of the McTear case would do the job. It’s a very important case that they’ve obviously attempted to bury. A truncated list of the Judges reasons with links to the main event would do. I’ll work on it.

    We’ve seen the reaction in that independent piece. Insufficient plea, outdated reasoning, a stitch up and openly hostile Judge. Desperate stuff. Valid arguments, not!

  5. Simon Cooke Says:

    You can add me although I am rather preaching to the converted with Phil Davies in Shipley!

  6. Sheila Says:

    You can add me too although having spent an hour face to face with said MP after the ” save our pubs ” do at Westminster, I sincerely doubt of any change in attitude at all.
    His father died of Lung Cancer. The plight of the pubs has absolutely nothing to do with the smoking ban. End of debate.
    Phil Wilson ( lab ) —- Sedgefield.

  7. RooBeeDoo Says:

    Please add me to your list? My MP is James Duddridge for Rochford and Southend East. I wrote to him a while ago over the Early Day Motion but he never replied. Any help you can give with effective wording and argument would be much appreciated.


  8. truckerlyn Says:

    Hi Junican. Firstly, to add to your list:
    Lyn – MP Harriet Baldwin, West Worcestershire.

    Great idea and will do what I can. Have written a couple of letters to her, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, one regarding smoking and another regarding brutal and incompetent treatment by the NHS. No reply so far to either!

    Another point on the plain packaging that occurred to me is that, like their fake gory pictures and other ‘in your face’ stuff, once the novelty wears off for the consumer, no-one actually sees these warnings and graphics anymore! Like so many things, if you see or hear something every day you stop taking any notice.

  9. Tedious Tantrums Says:

    TediousTantrums Edinburgh East & Musselburgh

    I don’t smoke, never have but the smoking ban is a reduction in people’s freedoms. It serves the intolerant. It should and I believe will be at least greatly diluted but it will take time.

  10. junican Says:

    RooBeeDoo, Truckerlyn and Tedious Tantrums. I have slotted you in.

    RBD – There is a problem with MPs. It is their researchers who open and read their mail. That is to be expected. I have no doubt that the MP is told about the contents of a letter, in summary, and the researcher then sends you a reply – if any is needed and the researcher feels like it.

    That is what we have to contest.

    Lyn – I never even see the pictures anymore. I do not look at the packet at all in detail. I just open it.

    TT – Yes, it will take time to roll back. I wonder how long it will be before the Zealots realise that all their ‘no smoking’ signs are advetising smoking?

  11. truckerlyn Says:

    Exactly Junican – what is shoved in our faces every day (not just anti smoking crap) we stop seeing, so it is utterly pointless, but, no doubt expensive in many cases.

    • junican Says:

      I don’t think that Tobacco Control is bothered about people seeing the pictures, Lyn. I suspect that their intention is just to continue to increase the cost of fags by continuously changing the pictures, along with, eventually, when they get control of the size and shape of fag packets, the length of cigarettes. No reducion of tax rates, of course. Do you remember that a recent budget introduced the idea of taxing cigarettes by their length, in addition to th amount of tobacco in them?

      • truckerlyn Says:

        I don’t expect for one minute that tobacco control is bothered about people seeing the pictures and I am sure you are right about continuing to increase the cost of fags.

        My point is, that like ALL of what they do, it is pointless because it doesn’t work! That and also that the pictures are fake, or at the very least do not represent what they say they do. How many people know that Pathologists (or whatever you call the doctors who perform autopsies) are unable to tell whether or not the deceased was a smoker – they certainly can’t from looking at the lungs because smoking does not cause black lungs!

        We all know that TV and Billboard ads as well as the pics on the cig packs of babies and children around smokers and the bullshit of 80% of tobacco smoke being invisible are lies. If it is as dangerous as these pathetic zealots make out, most of us would not be here now as, my guess is, many of us on these blogs grew up in the decades when smoking was most prevalent! How many of us lost friends when we were growing up to any so called smoking related illness? I certainly didn’t.

        Sorry, am preaching to the converted, but this whole thing and the fact they can get away with it whilst using OUR taxes to fund it all, makes my blood boil!

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