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My internet home page is Talktalk. The star new item today has been OBESITY. Unfortunately, the article itself has disappeared. But I remember enough to about it to briefly summarise it.

One in three children are obese, it said.

That reminded me of a study from 2007 in which the authors claimed that 9 out of 10 SIDS death parents smoked (H/T Dave Copeland). Of course, that study was false. In the same way, this article which says that 1 in 3 children are obese, is almost certainly false. You need only look around you to see that this statement is false – unless, of course, you set the level of obesity so low that almost everyone is obese. In fact, that is what the WHO did. It issued an edict reducing the body mass index at which a person could be described as obese. Who said it could do that?

I wonder what would happen if Cameron started to think in big, generic terms? I wonder what would happen if he made an important speech saying that the British Government no longer had confidence in the WHO, or, indeed, the UN and the EU? That these organisations were becoming just too authoritative without any mandate.

The ‘sciences’ of statistics and epidemiology have become a joke. I include in that Global Warming since Global Warming has very little hard fact and much statistics. they have become a joke because they have been misused by other disciplines which do not actually understand statistics and epidemiology. For example, Glantz, in America, is an engineer. What does he know about statistics? Chapman in Australia is almost illiterate. I don’t think that Deb Arnott actually knows what an epidemiological study is, but she certainly knows what propaganda is, and uses it for all it is worth.

Such things need to be said. It is not a matter of ‘negotiation’, it is a matter of statements of principle. The British People govern themselves, even if imperfectly. And, NO, the British People will no longer fund the likes of the IPCC (Global Warming) or Tobacco Control via the WHO. The WHO should be concentrating on famine and disease in Africa and not the persecution of smokers in healthy, wealthy Europe. Even if it is true that smoking kills millions of Europeans, of what interest is it to the WHO? Their interventions simply make very old people become very, very old people – if indeed their extremely expensive interventions have any effect at all.

What is clear is that the WHO, the EU and the myriad Tobacco Control organisations rely largely upon Big Pharm funding. In order to obtain that funding, they must do as Big Pharm says. There can be no doubt. What organisation would give away billions of pounds without expectations of recompense?

 Perhaps we should not be unduly concerned about ‘plain’ packaging. Fight it, but do not bother about it. It is really about tobacco companies and not individual consumers. Let ASH ET AL have it. It does not matter. After this intervention, there is not really anywhere that ASH can go in a general sense. After this, they must hit on individual persons rather than companies, which is a different thing altogether.  We have already seen that the drive to stop people smoking in company cars and in lorries has been a resounding failure, as has the drive to claim that hospital sites can be ‘smoke-free’. How can they be since the are just areas of land in the open air? People smoke in the open air and not in ‘sites’.

Obesity is now the ‘in’ thing. Quack professors and quack doctors are pronouncing like mad. ‘WE’ must do something’ they say. They are concentrating on the food industry, of course. And what have se seen so far? We have seen the food industry rolling over. I wonder why? I suspect that the problem is that the executives of these companies act in the same way as politicians. That is, that they think only in the short term. Their jobs require only that they make profits TODAY.

What is absolutely clear is that individuals have no part in the decision-making process. That is clear from the Smoking Ban.

Fat people are also stupid. They must be stupid, otherwise they would not be fat. Smokers must be stupid, otherwise they would not smoke. People who enjoy alcohol must be stupid, otherwise they would not drink alcohol. Apart, of course, from ‘the better sort’. The ‘better sort’ are the aristocrats and THE ELITE.

Wasn’t that a short post?

2 Responses to “Obesity”

  1. beobrigitte Says:

    One in three children are obese, it said.

    And the anti-smoking health fanatics still want smoke-free cars so the obese children can be taken to school….

    I am getting a little worried that wehn it comes to “healthy” one branch of the health brigade does not know what the other does…. Very convincing, then.

  2. junican Says:

    A valid point, beo, (about smoking in cars to ‘save’ the children).

    It is in the nature of these organisations to follow only their own propaganda. They have no interest in their own internal contradictions.

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