The McTear Case: Are readers of this blog losing patience?

I hope not. It amazes me that no one has done this analysis before. If it were not for Chris Snowdon, I would never even have known about this legal action.

I am approaching the very end, but nothing is simple in this case. It is a little like reading The General Theory of Relativity. There is no point at which you can say, “Ah! I understand!”, until you reach the very end.

I had hoped to be done with it by now (I have gardening to do!), but that is not possible. One cannot take unreasonable short cuts. Do it properly or do not do it at all.

It is difficult to predict. Tonight? Unlikely. Tomorrow? Hopefully.

I press on.

5 Responses to “The McTear Case: Are readers of this blog losing patience?”

  1. harleyrider1978 Says:

    Press onward cousin I need a good synopsis to use against the nazis!

    And expect a lot of traffic once I start using it!

    • junican Says:

      You timed your message perfectly. I am about to retire. I am encouraged – I am also pissed-ish, cousin.

  2. smokingscot Says:


    It’s an Herculean task and the ACIB exam doesn’t quite prepare you for something this technical.

    I am impressed at you tenacity.

    My hope is you’ll eventually tie in all the diverse posts and pull it all into one cohesive document.

    What you’re creating is reference material.

  3. nisakiman Says:

    Losing patience? I’m hanging on every word!

    As smokingscot says, the task is Herculean and your tenacity is indeed impressive.

    What you’ve done, and are doing could well prove to be a seminal work in our battle against those who would control us. That this case has not been given greater prominence before is astounding. I can understand ASH et al wanting to keep it under wraps, but I’m amazed that no-one else on our side of the fence has picked it up and run with it. Perhaps because there is so much work involved analysing and summarising the salient points. Whatever, don’t feel under pressure to deliver a speedy conclusion. I (and I’m sure all the others who are following this thread) am quite prepared to wait for you to do this in the way that suits you.

  4. junican Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. The job is done.

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