We have germination!

Last Sunday, I sprinkled seeds into 2″ fibre pots placed in a washing up bowl. Sand was poured into the gaps between the pots to stabilise them and to provide a reservoir of water. Here is a pic;

I covered the bowl with a hot, damp hand towel, which I re-wet with hot water two or three times a day. I then placed the bowl on a shelf in the kitchen over a radiator. Another pic:

Today, Saturday, six days later, we have germination:

The germinated seeds are the white dots.

In a few days time, they will look like this:

I’ll carry on covering them with the hot, damp towel for a few more days, but once they reach the stage as above, I’ll dispense with the towel. Once they have germinated, they need no long sit on the shelf over the radiator – they only need the extra heat during germination.  I’ll  then let them develop for a couple more weeks, and then I’ll thin them out to two or three seedlings. When they seem definitely settled and have reached the stage like this:

I’ll take out the two weakest seedlings leaving just the one. 

The next job is to start the next bowl. I intend to do three bowls in all, giving me 57 plants. Plus the three plants that I already have going, that will give me 60 in all. That ought to be enough.

Off to a good start!

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