YouGov: Fraud (2)

Continuing from yesterday, I have now emailed ‘yougovsupport’:

Yesterday, I completed a survey which was largely concerned with the welfare of cattle. It is my practice, normally before submitting my answers, to backtrack and check the answers which I have given. Only very close to the end of the survey did I observe that, on this occasion, I was unable to backtrack. Having completed the survey and ‘sent’ my answers, I then tried to go into the survey again to see what I had been answering, but I received the answer ‘The survey is not available at the moment’.
The survey number is a/vcKkbOxC1QtZZj.
I can see no reference to this survey on the YouGov site.
I am interested:
1. To see the questions again.
2. To know who the clients are.
3. To know how two (or three) questions about smoking appeared in a survey mainly about cattle and price comparison sites.
As a panelist, I see no reason that I should not have the above information, and I would be grateful if you would provide it.
Further, as a busy person, I am very concerned that I am unable to see a list of the subjects covered by the survey before answering the questions. For example, I know nothing about the care of cattle, and would have skipped that section had I known what was following. I see no reason that such a list should not be provided plus the ability to skip sections which I have no knowledge of. Can you provide such a list?
I would be grateful if you would provide answers as soon as possible since I intend to take the matter up with the MRS.

We shall see what that brings, but I am not holding my breath.

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